Hot Metal Transfer Ladles

Like torpedo ladle cars, hot metal transfer ladles also are no more just a hot metal transfer containers, but they are liquid iron treatment such as desulphurisation units meanwhile. For this reason, the same grades recommended for torpedo ladles can be used in hot metal ladles in case of liquid metal treatments. On the other hand, standard lining concepts are applicable at the lack of treatments.


Grade Description
Slag line
SORHK 65 A Fired high alumina brick based on andalusite and tabular alumina
SORHK 70 BA Fired high alumina brick based on bauxite and andalusite
KARBO 12 SC Resin bonded ASC brick based on bauxite and fused alumina
KARBO 12 SCK Resin bonded ASC brick based on high grade bauxite and fused alumina
Safety lining
SORK 45 Fired fireclay brick for general use
SORŞİZ 45 Insulation fireclay brick
Spout and bottom
SORMASSE HB 50 ASC 10 Low cement castable based on andalusite and silicon carbide
SORMASSE HB 80 SC 10 High alumina, low cement castable based on bauxite and silicon carbide
SORHARÇ AL 75 SC Ready to use mortar based on bauxite with silicon carbide
SORHARÇ AL 80 SC Air setting ASC mortar
SORHARÇ AL 55 A Lining mortar for andalusite based bricks
SORHARÇ AL 45 Lining mortar for fireclay bricks

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